Greeced Lightning! Episodes 1 and 2

Happy #MythMonday, everyone! The pilot episode of Greeced Lightning released January 9th, and Episode 2 dropped today. If you haven't checked us out yet, you can have your own personal Homerathon today with these first two episodes! In the first episode, Luke and Sam and I chat about the legends and myths around the Trojan... Continue Reading →

Announcing Greeced Lightning!

It’s automatic, systematic, myth-o-matic…why it’s Greeced Lightning! What better way to welcome 2023 than with a new podcast? After months of planning, researching, and recording behind the scenes, I’m SO excited to finally share that I’m co-hosting a new podcast called Greeced Lightning! We’ll release our first episode this coming Monday, January 9th — the... Continue Reading →

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