Announcing Greeced Lightning!

It’s automatic, systematic, myth-o-matic…why it’s Greeced Lightning!

What better way to welcome 2023 than with a new podcast? After months of planning, researching, and recording behind the scenes, I’m SO excited to finally share that I’m co-hosting a new podcast called Greeced Lightning! We’ll release our first episode this coming Monday, January 9th — the first #MythMonday of 2023! 

This has been an absolute blast to work on so far, not least because my co-hosts are two high school friends of mine and they are just so damn fun to chat with. Each episode, I’ll break down a different Ancient Greek myth to Sam and Luke, and we’ll talk about a movie related to that myth. Sneaky peek: we’re starting with the 2004 movie Troy and the actual legend of Troy, so gird your loins for some hot takes on this Hollywood adaptation (and I use that word generously). 

Get ready for some big laughs and a lot of learning! This has been an absolute blast to record, and I cannot wait to share everything we have in store for y’all! Be sure to give Greeced Lightning Podcast a follow on all the socials (here, here, here) and keep an eye out wherever you get your podcasts to make sure you catch our first episode when it drops on Myth Monday, January 9th!

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